Article by Independent Political Report (8-21-14):



Alaska Holds Contested Primary for Libertarian, Alaskan Independence Parties

Alaska held primaries on August 19. For U.S. Senate, three Libertarians appeared on the ballot, and two members of the Alaskan Independence Party appeared on the ballot.
The vote for the three Libertarians was: Thom M. Walker 2,588; Mark S. Fish 1,038; Scott Kohlhaas 560. Therefore, Walker is the party’s nominee. The vote for the two Alaskan Independence members was: Vic Kohring 2,090; Zachary Kile 1,483. Kohring is now the AIP nominee.
Alaska holds a blanket primary for all qualified parties except the Republican Party. The Republican Party has its own separate semi-closed primary. Only Republicans and independents may choose the Republican primary ballot. All voters are free to choose the ballot used by the other parties.
Alaska just became one of my favorite races to watch in November; interested to see how former 7-term State Rep. Vic Kohring does running as an AIP candidate.