Article by Alaska Dispatch News (8-19-14):


Vic Kohring, a former state legislator who plead guilty to a federal corruption charge in 2011, is running for U.S. Senate in the Alaskan Independence Party primary. He stood alone next to a sign bearing his name on the corner of Benson Boulevard and Seward Highway on Tuesday morning amid canvassers for Joe Miller, Mead Treadwell and Vote No on 1.
Laurel Andrews / Alaska Dispatch News
Alaska Dispatch News
August 19, 2014
Alaskans headed to the polls Tuesday for statewide primary elections.
9 a.m. update: Targeting early morning commuters in Anchorage
Primary election day in Alaska brought canvassers to the streets of Anchorage in full force on a sunny Tuesday morning, with campaigns facing off on opposite street corners.
On the corner of Benson and Minnesota, roughly 20 Dan Sullivan supporters wore blue shirts labeled “#standwithdan.” Pumping their signs up and down, they waved as cars raced by, erupting in cheers each time a car honked its horn.
U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan, who is facing Joe Miller and Mead Treadwell in the Republican primary, showed up around 7.30 a.m. to wave a sign bearing his name.
“I’m feeling good,” Sullivan said.
Across the street, around 10 Begich supporters were waving flags. “Hey it’s politics right, it’s Alaska,” Sullivan about the juxtaposition.
Matt Claman stood among the Begich crowd. Claman said that he’s “supported Begichall along.”
"I think he's a great senator," Claman said.
Claman is running unopposed in the State House primary as a Democrat for the West Anchorage, he said. “By 8 o’clock or so I’ll be waving signs for myself,” Claman said.
At the busy intersection of Benson and Seward, signs for Treadwell, Miller, Begich, the Vote No on 1 campaign intermingled as cars raced passed.
Amid the competing campaign signs, Vic Kohring, a former state lawmaker who pled guilty to a federal corruption charge in 2011, stood alone next to a massive sign bearing his name. Kohring is running for U.S. Senate in the Alaskan Independence Party primary. “I’m running kind of a lonely campaign here,” he joked.
Regina Ward waved a Vote No on 1 sign on Tuesday morning, one of about 20 Vote No on 1 supporters. Wearing a green trench coat and black heels, Ward said she is a BP employee, and that the oil tax issue was personal to her. “I believe in this,” she said.
Ward said she is “optimistic” that the repeal of SB 21 would not pass on Tuesday, but was “a bit nervous if this doesn’t go through what’s going to happen with my job.”
One block over, at the corner of West Northern Lights and the Seward Highway, Gov. Sean Parnell supporters, Joe Miller and Mead Treadwell had all taken up camp on opposing corners.
Treadwell’s sons Tim and Will were waving signs amid roughly a dozen others. When asked about the Joe Miller campaign across the street, Will Treadwell said “we’re not worried about it.”
The younger Treadwell said he was “confident” in his father’s campaign, but “we’re anxious for this evening,” he said.
Across the street, three Joe Miller supporters waved signs among a dozen Miller signs. Miller supporter Amy Walker said her vote for Miller was one for “liberty and America.”
-- Laurel Andrews