This article was published in the August 2014 edition of "The People's Paper":


Wasilla, Alaska -

The Genesis of Obamacare

By Vic Kohring

There are several theories as to why the Feds chose to target me for removal as a state legislator. Surely it wasn't because I accepted Bill Allen's paltry hundred dollar gift (their initial, stated excuse), with no crime committed as the iconic video tape and evidence shows. To blow through over $7 million of taxpayer dollars prosecuting me over chicken feed was a disgrace. There must have been another reason. Was it because of my staunch, unwavering conservative values? Maybe it was due to my status as long-time chairman of the Alaska Legislature's Oil & Gas Committee, a position the prosecutors saw as a plumb target. Or possibly because these hoods were egomaniacs with a selfish, insatiable desire destroy an elected representative regardless of guilt or innocence - simply for a notch on their belt and to advance careers. Some politically astute in-the-know individuals familiar with my case are convinced the primary reason was a desire to remove Ted Stevens from office and that they saw me as the vehicle to achieve that.  

Stevens was the government's biggest prize. The prosecutors plan was to use me as a stepping stone to take down Ted. How do I know? For one, both of us were assigned the same group of prosecutors who committed fraud and obstruction of justice by hiding evidence. Second, this Gang of Five later found themselves in the bullseye of a criminal probe after their cheating was exposed. Moreover, Allen was used as the prosecution's "star" witness in both cases, who conspired with prosecutors to lie on the witness stand to bolster the government's flimsy theories. With lots of experience garnered by convicting me and emboldened after getting away with bamboozling the jury during my trial, the prosecutors chose to keep their greased, well-healed team intact to get Stevens. 

After my conviction, the government aggressively pursued Stevens, the longest serving Republican in U.S. Senate history and one of the country's most influential politicians. With their cheap, hollow victory over me complete, the timing was right to shift focus and continue on to the next step in their devious plan - launching a full scale attack on Stevens. So on July 29, 2008, less than a month after I was sent to the Big House, Stevens was indicted on seven felony counts. The timing struck me as odd as my case had just wrapped up. It was as if they had the Stevens case lined up and ready to go the minute mine was out of the way.  

With politics, nearly anything is possible. If people can turn up mysteriously dead (i.e. Vince Foster, friend of the Clinton's and legal counsel to the president), it's not at all far-fetched to conclude that Stevens and I were targets of an evil, conspiratorial plot to change the balance of power in America. With the anticipation of Barack Obama's ascendancy as president in 2008, the powers that be were anxiously looking for a way to hand over congress to the Democrats to pave the way for Obama and his ambitious agenda to "Fundamentally change the United States of America," as he proclaimed. Democrats were in charge of the House at the time and were a whisker from controlling the Senate, but they required both chambers to pull it off. To accomplish this, they needed a vehicle, a means by which to take the Senate. That vehicle was me through the use of their friends at the U.S. Department of Justice. The stars were perfectly aligned as Stevens was up for reelection in '08. 

The "Justice" Department was poised to derail Stevens campaign. If they could knock him out, control of Congresswould be tipped in favor of the Democrats as they were one seat short of a majority. So they indicted Stevens, dragging him through the mud and tarnishing his reputation with voters. The guilty verdicts came on October 27, 2008, eight days before the election. The result was a one percent loss to challenger Mark Begich. With the defeat, Democrats seized complete control of Washington. But they had to act fast as it wouldn't last long. Nine months later, Scott Brown replaced Sen. Ted Kennedy who succumbed to cancer in 2009, causing the Dems to lose a single, but crucial vote. Before then, the new Senate make-up was good enough to squeak through health care reform, a highly unpopular measure now burdening the country with heavy regulation, an army of IRS agents to enforce and future expenditures of trillions of dollars paid for with massive tax hikes. A scary thought when you consider our health care industry represents one sixth of the nation's economy. Thank you politicians. Especially those on the left including Sen. Begich, who's single vote made the difference in the legislation becoming law. His vote for Obamacare was the 60th and deciding vote. In a recent newspaper column, Paul Jenkins wrote how Obamacare is a "constitutionally abusive travesty" that he credits to Begich for casting the deciding vote and giving us the new health care law that represents a threat to this nation's very future. He's right.

Obamacare may very well have gotten its start right here in Wasilla, Alaska. Federal bureaucrats, as part of a carefully orchestrated power grab, used my case as a stepping stone to get their cherished prize - Ted Stevens - and thereby hand Congress on a silver platter to the Obama, pro-big government forces. This in-turn opened the door to a near-complete bureaucratic takeover of our once renowned, world-class health care system, until recently considered one of the best on earth and convert it into one modeled after socialist European countries to the detriment of us all.



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