September 3, 2014

Kohring Withdraws From U.S. Senate Race

Encourages Alaskans to Support Sullivan

Former Alaska State Representative and Alaskan Independence Party nominee Vic Kohring has withdrawn as a candidate for the United States Senate. Kohring hand-delivered his affidavit of withdrawal to the Alaska Division of Elections office in Wasilla yesterday afternoon.

“It increasingly appears that the race between Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan is going to be close,” Kohring said. “My first priority is to help elect a new senator who will go to Washington and fire Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to break his grip on our state and country. Reid’s obstructionism and partisan acts have hurt Alaska and America, preventing us from fixing the stagnated  economy and fully developing our state’s resources. I don’t want to draw votes away from Sullivan that could possibly tilt the election to Begich and contribute to Democrats maintaining control of the Senate with Reid retaining power. Withdrawing  lessens the chances of that happening. I call on all Alaskans regardless of party affiliation to join me in voting for Dan Sullivan as our new senator.”

Kohring also expressed gratitude for support received on August 19th, Primary Election Day. “I wish to thank those who supported me at the polls and I treasure every single vote received. To have prevailed as the Alaskan Independence Party nominee was a special honor.”


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September 4, 2014

Kohring Finds Begich News

Release Lacking In Truth

No collaboration With Sullivan as Claimed

Former Alaska State Representative and Alaskan Independence Party nominee Vic Kohring responded to today’s news release by the Mark Begich campaign (see below) by setting the record straight with the following points:

1.  “My withdrawal occurred in the final hours before this week's deadline, not at the ‘last minute.’ The fact that I withdrew was not part of any ‘plan.’ Nor was my withdrawal done on the last day part of a ‘plan.’ I simply gave the matter lots of thought and concluded I should wait until the last day if necessary to make a decision as to whether to remain in the race or exit. It was a huge decision that I didn't take lightly.”

2. “To call me a ‘Choreographed Candidate’ is ridiculous. I don't know Dan Sullivan and have never met the man. I've had zero contact with him or his staff during this campaign. All I want is a new senator who will help guide our state and country away from the failed Leftist policies of Harry Reid and Barack Obama that have hurt our state and country.”

3. “Mr. Sullivan was not even my preferred candidate who vied for the Republican nomination. I actually hoped Mead Treadwell or Joe Miller would win. But to me, Sullivan is still closer to my thinking philosphically than Begich, so supporting him is an easy decision.”

4. “The Begich camp is using my withdrawal as a wedge between the voters and Sullivan. They're acting as political opportunists trying to gain political advantage at Sullivan's expense. It's disingenuous and a sign of desperation that their candidate may be in trouble. Another reason to vote for Sullivan.”

5. “I did not run a ‘non-existent’ campaign as claimed. It wasn't as high-profile as the ‘majors’ and I did not raise and spend millions as with Begich and Sullivan, but still significant effort was expended. I maintained an active website, did lots of highway sign-waving, was on the phone frequently with voters, did numerous press interviews and participated in newspaper question/answer forums, among other activities. It paid off on election day, as I was fortunate to win my primary. I’m grateful to those who voted for me and feel humbled by the support expressed.”

6. “My endorsement of Sullivan as stated in my news release of Wednesday, September 3rd, was written completely on my own without the influence or collaboration of anyone. No shenanigans as the Begich people would have you believe, but an honest, straight-from-the-heart assessment.”

7. “I received no invitation to the United for Liberty debate until 72 nours before it took place (receiving a single voice mail message). By then, the group had candidates Begich and Sullivan set and schedule firmly in place without my inclusion in their published announcement. ‘Numerous’ attempts to contact me is another false Begich claim.”

8. “The Begich people seem to be cut from the same cloth as the federal prosecutors assigned to my legal case - lots of deception and manipulation of the truth, all designed for personal and political gain. Maybe they should go to work for the Justice Department when the campaign’s over. They'd be a good fit!”

Last, Kohring added, “This doesn't change my attitude toward Mark as I still count him as a friend, even though I'm sure he'd prefer to keep his distance since he probably views me as ‘radioactive’ following my legal fiasco. Mark's a real gentlemen and a good person and I enjoyed our close working relationship while I was in the legislature and he as mayor of Anchorage. I intend to vote for Sullivan simply out of honest differences of opinion on the issues with Mark. I nevertheless wish him well." 


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Choreographed Candidate Withdrawal

Reeks of Sullivan Maneuvers


CONTACT: Max Croes -- 907-570-2065

ANCHORAGE  -- Alaskans for Begich released the following statement from campaign manager Susanne Fleek-Green on Alaska Independence Party candidate Vic Kohring's last minute withdrawal from the U.S. Senate race and endorsement of candidate Dan Sullivan:

“Alaska Independent Party senate candidate Vic Kohring’s simultaneous withdrawal from the Senate race and endorsement of Dan Sullivan reeks of a orchestrated attempt to deliver Alaska's U.S. Senate seat for Dan Sullivan. After months of declining all opportunities to appear at public events during his 'campaign,' Kohring's endorsement reads as if it's written by Dan Sullivan himself."

The withdrawal was announced at 4:30 p.m. (Alaska) with a candidate filing deadline of 5:00 p.m. Kohring's only statement to the press at the time was a glowing endorsement of Dan Sullivan, which reads as yet another ploy by Sullivan and national groups to buy Alaska’s Senate seat. 

Kohring ran a virtually non-existent campaign and was barely heard from in the days following the primary election. The Libertarian party tried – unsuccessfully-  numerous times to contact Kohring to participate in the recent United For Liberty debate. 

Kohring has a well documented history in Alaska.



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